Kevin J. Mullinix

Assistant Professor

Please see my CV for a list of published papers, projects underway, and grants. 


Druckman, James N., Adam J. Howat, and Kevin J. Mullinix. Forthcoming. "Graduate Advising in Experimental Research Groups." PS: Political Science and Politics.

​Mullinix, Kevin J. 2016. "Partisanship and Preference Formation: Competing Motivations, Elite Polarization, and Issue Importance." ​Political Behavior 38(2): 383-411. Link. ​

Robison, Joshua and Kevin J. Mullinix. 2016. "Elite Polarization and Public Opinion: How Polarization is Communicated and Its Effects." Political Communication 33: 261-282. Link.​

Mullinix, Kevin J., Thomas J. Leeper, James N. Druckman, and Jeremy Freese. Forthcoming. "The Generalizability of Survey Experiments." Journal of Experimental Political Science​ 2(2): 109-138. Link. Pre-Print PDF.

Mullinix, Kevin J. 2015. "Presidential Debates, Partisan Motivations, and Political Interest." Presidential Studies Quarterly ​45(2): 270-288. Link.

Druckman, James N., Thomas J. Leeper, and Kevin J. Mullinix. 2014. "The Experimental Study of Legislative Behaviour." In The Oxford Handbook of Legislative Studies​. Link.

Sharp, Elaine B. and Kevin J. Mullinix. 2012. "Holding Their Feet to the Fire: Explaining Variation in City Governments' Use of Controls on Economic Development Subsidies." Economic Development Quarterly ​26(2): ​138-150. Link.

Mullinix, Kevin J. 2011. "Lingering Debates and Innovative Advances: The State of Public Opinion Research." Policy Studies Journal 39(s1): 61-76. Link. 

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